The Avid-L2 and Avid-L
This is the webpage for the Avid-L2 group -the replacement of the Avid-L mailing list.  The group is hosted on Yahoo Groups.
The primary purpose of this list is to provide a Q&;A forum for issues and dicsussion surrounding Avid products, and those who edit with them.

AVID-L2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Despite what email address or handle you use, you should register as a Yahoo user to participate in the Avid-L2. Subscribers should set up an account with their first and last names, then send the request to join. This is a Moderated list, and all subscription requests must be approved by the moderator(s). If you have a Yahoo account already that you would like to use, but doesn't contain your first and last names, please include your first and last name in the subscription request to the moderator when you request to join.  The bottom of the group page has a link to subscribe with a non-yahoo email address.

As always, Yahoo and the moderators of this list are not responsible for the use third parties might make of information you have made publicly available in this or any other public forum. Please take a look at the applicable Yahoo Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information about public information and forums.

Off Topic Filtering. Part of the interest of the Avid-L2 is it's range
of topics. If you are posting an Off-topic thread, please preface the
subject with OT: Use the colon after the letters

Topics that are not welcome are religion, politics, and other disruptive topics that interfere with the operation of the list. Moderation of these topics will be quick, so simply put- Lets all just play nice.

Cross-posting to the FCP-L is welcome, altho a reply will not flow back to both list snecessarily- check your own email reply preferences, and if you are subscribed to the FCP List.

Welcome, and Enjoy!
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